EM/ANB awarded exemplary status in Accreditation Canada survey

EM/ANB has been accorded the highest level of performance - Exemplary Standing - by Accreditation Canada after its recent on-site survey of our organization.

MONCTON, April 16 2020 -- EM/ANB has been accorded the highest level of performance -- Exemplary Standing -- by Accreditation Canada after its recent on-site survey of our organization.

This significant achievement comes after the peer reviewers from Accreditation Canada visited EM/ANB and EMP sites to share their expertise, evaluate the extent to which we meet national standards of excellence, and make recommendations. The evaluation focused on system wide standards for leadership and governance, as well as service excellence standards that included home care services, infection prevention and control and medication management for community organizations.

“This report affirms the quality of the work EMP professionals provide to New Brunswickers all the time,” said EM/ANB CEO and MHSNB President Richard Losier. “But the quality of that work is especially highlighted during this extraordinary time as the province deals with the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Among the key achievements noted by the surveyors during the survey:

  • EM/ANB is building a new tradition of excellence in healthcare
  • EM/ANB has created a culture of the client, patient and family-centred care
  • Team members are strong, efficient advocates for patients
  • Patients were confident in the ability and accessibility of their care providers
  • Commended our level of engagement with patient family advisors
  • Applauded our work in addressing and reducing barriers to care
  • Noted that staff feel heard as their feedback is taken into consideration when decisions are made
  • Partnerships with other community stakeholders are strong and effective

“EM/ANB has much to be proud of in terms of accomplishments to date and should work to maintain the gains achieved while continuing to address challenges and opportunities ahead,” the surveyors said. “The commitment, teamwork, and dedication of your staff and community will help you as you continue in your journey of being the foundation of community health care in New Brunswick.”

“This is a remarkable accomplishment after only two full years of integrated operation as EM/ANB and is a testament to all our staff and the work we do in our communities,” said Losier.

EMP professionals continue to go into the homes of patients who need care during this time, noted EMP Vice-President Ginette Pellerin, fulfilling the EMP mandate to provide care in homes and keep patients out of hospitals if possible.

“We do our best to minimize COVID-19 exposure risk for both patients and employees, but we have continued to do visits that are essential to patient care,” said Pellerin.

“I want to commend the Extra Mural professionals we have in our province. They don’t work in a typical institutional setting, they work in the community, in people’s homes. They always do exceptional work. But I want to acknowledge that they continue to do that exceptional work even during this challenging time that affects not only them, but also their families. They are among the front line heroes.”

While this survey looked at the EMP aspect of the EM/ANB organization, ANB was also accorded Exemplary Status by Accreditation Canada in its 2018 survey.

For the complete Accreditation Canada report, click here.

For the executive summary, click here.

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