New Brunswickers to benefit from access to more integrated and coordinated health care in their homes and communities

Medavie Health Services and the Government of New Brunswick announced the creation of a transformational partnership that will integrate the Extra-Mural Program (EMP) services and Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB) into a single public service entity.

Moncton, NB – Medavie Health Services and the Government of New Brunswick announced the creation of a transformational partnership that will integrate the Extra-Mural Program (EMP) services and Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB) into a single public service entity. Effective January 1st, 2018, Medavie Health Services New Brunswick (MHSNB), an organization under the Medavie Health Services umbrella, will manage operations, including delivery of care for EMP in addition to ANB while the Department of Health will continue to plan, fund and monitor the services by setting standards and performance expectations.

This partnership will bring about measurable and positive change, enabling both services to reach their full potential and build capacity within the primary health care setting. Together with Tele-Care 811, this integrated team will be better positioned to provide enhanced and more coordinated care for New Brunswickers.

Historically, the New Brunswick health care system has been focused on acute care. As such, many individuals with chronic conditions who could be cared for in primary health care or at home are instead hospitalized. By integrating and strengthening elements of the primary health care system, more care delivery will be shifted from the hospital into patients’ homes and communities, creating new capacity within the overall health care system.

“The time has come for implementing new ideas to health care,” said Bernard Lord, Medavie CEO. “We believe these are positive changes as New Brunswick prepares for the health care needs of an aging population. Through our experience, expertise and most importantly our people, we will build on the strong foundation of the New Brunswick Primary Health Care System. We want to make a difference for patients and their families, health care providers, and taxpayers. By working together, we have a real opportunity to significantly improve health care in this province and maybe even the country that we all call home.”

“We have the right people at the table to make this partnership a success,” said the Honourable Victor Boudreau, Minister of Health with the Government of New Brunswick. “The interdisciplinary team behind our Extra-Mural Program – the ‘hospital without walls’ – provides innovative home health services to New Brunswickers of all ages in their homes and communities. And our highly skilled paramedics provide 24/7 pre-hospital care to patients on the scene and ensure their safe and timely transport to hospital when they need it the most. These are organizations that already care for patients outside the hospital setting. On their own, they do important work, but bring them together and we can offer patients a better experience – one that we are confident will lead to better health outcomes.”

It is anticipated that, all things being equal, investments in technology and further collaborations through the partnership could increase access to EMP care within three years. With the goal of reducing emergency department visits and increasing the number of home visits, this model will give patients access to the care they need, when they need it, in their homes.

“We believe that, in partnership with the Province of New Brunswick, we can demonstrate a new model of care that can be replicated and scaled in other provinces and jurisdictions across the country,” Mr. Lord said. “A model that will enable patients to navigate the health care system more easily and also experience better health outcomes.”

Medavie Health Services will work closely with the Regional Health Authorities and the Department of Health to transition the management of the EMP over to Medavie Health Services New Brunswick over the next few months.

Quick Facts

  • Over the last three years, over 60% of visits to emergency rooms are considered “non- or less urgent”. Source: New Brunswick Medical Society
  • In the past 15 years, New Brunswick’s population over 65 years of age has grown by 50.4%. Source: Statistics Canada Census 2001-2016
  • In 2014, 61.6% of New Brunswick citizens reported that a health professional had diagnosed them or treated them for at least one of twelve select chronic health conditions. Source: New Brunswick Health Council
  • In the past six years, Ambulance New Brunswick has experienced a 21.9% increase in annual call volume. Source: Ambulance New Brunswick

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